Why is the flag of Malaysia called "Kun"?

The flag of the state symbolizes statehood and sovereignty. It consists of a red field with a small white and wide yellow border at the bottom and top. The proportions are 2: 3. The original source of this material can be found here . If you have any questions about education abroad in schools, universities, camps, or courses, please contact us at or by phone 8-800-775-54-97Since its appearance, the flag of the state has become a symbol of the unity of Malaysia. It is used on official business, and almost everywhere, except military personnel, the flag of the state is displayed with or without tricolor. The flag can be hung permanently (on a pole), or it can be lowered at sunset and raised again at first light. The rules for displaying the flag of the state are set by Article 170 of the Constitution: "The flag shall be raised according to the rules prescribed by the government.". The maximum height of the flag is 48 inches. It is made of linen with a special design in order to distinguish it from other flags. The length is 60 inches, the width is 22 centimeters. The standard width is also 22 centimeters. There is a maximum of 6 feet from the flag pole to the ground. There is a rule that flags without stripes are used for competing states: this is done by stacking 6 flags with gold stars, which symbolizes "equal shares" in the federation. The maximum height of the flag is also 72 inches, and the maximum width is 14 centimeters. For informational purposes, it is advisable to keep the length of the flag at least 24 inches, and the maximum width at least 30 centimeters."Kun" in Russian. Русский "The coat of arms of the state bears the image of the chief executive of the United Arab Emirates, the flag is rectangular in shape and features a single white stripe. This symbol of the federation is used on a par with the flag of the state, it is a three-color flag. White – unity, red – resistance, and blue – power. There is a legend that the blue ribbon was decided at the end of the XX century, when the flag was red with a yellow stripe. This color is not historically consistent with the red and white stripes of the national flag. According to the rules of the Federation, the flag should be the most recent design a design that best reflects the historical picture. For competition purposes, the blue ribbon is sometimes crossed out, but this is strictly prohibited".Unrecognized independence. Despite the similarity in the flags of the statesmen, unofficially this was not the case: despite the fact that the flags of the members of the federation were standardized at the 1955 World Congress, in the constitution it remained blank. At that time, Chang So He, Chu Kang and other